Parent Information about ALICE Crisis Response

OASD is implementing ALICE, a federally endorsed safety protocol district-wide. ALICE works hand in hand with our existing crisis response procedures. 

There is a new standard-of-care which emphasizes the need for pro-active, options-based, strategies. We have a responsibility to those in our care and employment to do all we can to prepare them for an emergency situation at a school. ALICE Training is the model upon which these official recommendations were built, and is a federally endorsed safety protocol. 

The letters ALICE stand for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate:

  • Alert – inform people of the threat, giving as much information as possible.
  • Lockdown – Students and staff can choose to lock down and barricade the room that they are in if they determine that it is not safe to evacuate.
  • Inform – pass on as much information as possible to others and to First Responders, including calling 911.
  • Counter – an effort of last resort, if an armed intruder is able to get into the space they are in, individuals can counter with distraction or other tactics. Staff are being trained to use every effort to stop the intruder, instead of relying on the traditional lockdown and hide response.
  • Evacuate – If it is safe to do so, all are encouraged to evacuate the building, and remove themselves from the threat.


Click here to visit the ALICE website to learn more.

Click here to download our ALICE Frequently Asked Questions document.

 The goal of ALICE training is to learn strategies that empower individuals to take action in the event of a school threat or an intruder in the building. School districts in our area are moving to this new protocol, which is used by more than 3,700 schools nationwide. ALICE training helps staff learn new proactive strategies for responding to crisis situations. “Lock the door and hide” might be an appropriate strategy in some situations. In other cases, teacher and students might take precautions to barricade the entrance of the classroom, or even choose to leave the building. 

Please contact your building principal with specific questions about ALICE drills. 




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