Greenland Clubs and Activities

  • Student Council for 3rd & 4th Grade
  • 3rd Grade Drama
  • 4th Grade Drama
  • 3rd Grade Minecraft Club
  • Movie Makers (End of Year Movie) for 4th-grade students
  • 4th Grade Minecraft Club

Scratch Computer Programming Club

Scratch Computer Programming Club is an opportunity for fourth-grade students to think critically, be creative, and work independently and collaboratively to learn to code.  SCRATCH was developed at MIT to introduce young people to the process of computer programming.  If your son or daughter enjoys being creative and solving problems, computer programming will be engaging and fun.  In addition, computer programming or coding is considered an essential skill today and in the years to come.  As Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President at Google stated, "Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative, and confident."

MineCraftEdu Club

MineCraftEdu Club provides an engaging, creative space for third-grade students to create, problem solve, think critically, and learn.  What is the benefit of using Minecraft or other video games for children?  According to James Paul Gee, a professor at Arizona State University and a faculty affiliate of the Games, Learning, and Society Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:  The best learning experiences have the following values:  motivation, clear goals, interpreted outcomes, and immediate and copious feedback.  Video games have all these components. Third-grade students in our MineCraftEdu Club build, interact, and create, in an engaging environment where acquiring skills comes naturally through play.

MovieMakers Club

MovieMakers Club is an opportunity for fourth-grade students to use creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration to create our Greenland end-of-the-year movie.  They brainstorm themes for the different sections of the movie, create title slides, categorize photos, and arrange the photos into a movie.  The students work in teams and partnerships and feel a sense of pride when their movie is shown to the whole school on the last day of school.

Drama Club

Drama Club is available for those students who are interested in taking to the "stage" and trying out their performing talents. In addition to speaking parts, music parts, and dance parts, we also need a stage crew for making scenery, props, sound effects, lighting, and video-taping. Mrs. Andrea Heinzelman , our music teacher directs the productions.  This is open to students in grades 3 and 4. 

Student Council

Student Council is open to students in third and fourth. Our Student Council organizes many service projects for our school and helps other organizations outside of our school. Student Council members must exhibit leadership, organization, interact with others easily, recognize school goals and objectives, share responsibility, express ideas, listen to others, give directions clearly and effectively, exercise responsibilities, use social skills, support members of a group, coordinate work of several individuals, get along with wide variety of individual, be asked for ideas and suggestions, be looked to by others when something must be decided, and channel leadership abilities in a positive direction.

PTA Sponsored Events

The Greenland PTA offers a variety of activities each school year.  Watch the Greenland Gazette school newsletter for new activities and classes.

Greenland Elementary School
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