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Many parents choose to drive their child to and from school. These procedures were developed so students are able to arrive and depart from school in a safe and orderly environment. Because of the high volume of traffic in the front parking lot during student arrival and dismissal, it is important that everyone works together to ensure student safety. All individuals using the front lot during student drop-off and pick-up times are expected to adhere to the procedures listed below. Procedures must be followed in order for an individual to maintain the ability to use curbside drop-off and pick-up.

Parking in the Front of the School

  • The parking stalls in the front parking lot will be blocked for entering and exiting during drop-off and pick-up times each day. This means that cars will not be able to enter or exit the spots from 8:15-8:40, or from 3:30-3:50. The purpose of this practice is to increase student safety by limiting pedestrian traffic during our busiest times of day. Cones will be put in front of each spot to remind drivers of this practice. Cones are not to be moved by non-staff members.
  • Under NO circumstances should a car be left unattended along the curb. This curb is a fire lane. The policy of no parking in this fire lane will be strictly enforced, even if a parent has left their vehicle for only a short time.

Student Drop off at the Beginning of the Day

There are two options for dropping off your child to start the day. Regardless of which option you choose, please remember that the school doors open at 8:30 and we expect all children to be in their classroom by 8:40 or they will be marked tardy. Children should not arrive to school prior to 8:25 as we don’t have staff available to supervise them. If a child is going to be tardy, we ask that a parent walk them in or call our office to excuse the tardy.

  1. Parents can park in the East parking lot (main parking lot by the YMCA) and walk with their child into school. Parents are welcome to walk all of the way to the classroom or they can drop them off at the East/Bus doors or the South/Front doors. This method is recommended for children that are not independent in getting out of the car or for children that need assistance getting into school.
  2. Parents can pull into the front entrance and drop their child off at the curb. In this option, parents remain in their vehicle and the child exits on their own out of the car door on the side opposite the driver. The child will need to independently walk into school and to their classroom. In order to allow as many children as possible to get out of their car at the same time, parents are asked to pull down along the sidewalk as far west as possible prior to stopping and letting the child exit the car. Doing so will greatly expedite our drop off process in the morning. Once the child has exited the car, a parent can pull into the main lane and exit the parking lot.

Student Pick up at the end of the Day

There are two options for student pick up at the end of the day for our 5K-4th grade students. All 4K students are asked to follow Option #1.

  1. A parent can park in the East parking lot (large one near the YMCA) and then walk to our front lobby area and wait for their child to exit the school. Then, parent/child can walk to their car together and leave the parking lot. If your child cannot yet enter and exit the car and buckle-up independently (or requires any other special attention), please use the east parking lot and walk to the front doors to pick up your child.
  2. A parent can wait in their car in a line in our front parking lot. Students who are waiting for their parents will do so in a designated area of the sidewalk. Students will be dismissed from this area by a staff member before proceeding to their vehicle. As a car advances to the western half of the school’s front curb, drivers will notice lines and numbers painted on the curb. These denote the stalls for student pick-up. Drivers will pull forward into the numbered spaces in the order in which they arrive. Once these spaces are filled, the staff member will dismiss the students “belonging” to these cars as one group. Once the students are safely in these cars the next group of cars will move forward. If a car is in a numbered stall and the student is not yet out on the sidewalk, the car will be motioned to move forward into an unnumbered stall to wait (much as one might be asked to do in a drive-thru line). Drivers may notice that the first group of cars takes the longest to depart from the numbered stalls, since students are gradually exiting the building. Subsequent groups of cars move much more quickly. Your patience is appreciated. Displaying your family’s name plate on your passenger side sun visor will assist our staff in dismissing students in an efficient manner. Please call our office or email if you need a nameplate.

    Please know that any requests made by staff members are in the interest of helping everyone learn to operate safely and efficiently with the plan. Thank you for your cooperation!
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Nondiscrimination: The Oconomowoc Area School District provides assurance that no student is discriminated against because of the student's sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.
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