Welcome to the Library Matters Page!

Yes, the library does matter! This page will keep you updated on things that matter in the Ixonia library. Stay tuned for constant updates!

Many of the links the students use in the computer lab can be found on our Ixonia Symbaloo page. This page is an easy way for all students to access the sites in a simple way. The page is available anywhere.


Did you know students have access to many eBooks and audiobooks through our school library? Using overdrive.com or the OverDrive app via your mobile device is a simple way to access these materials. Click here for directions on using OverDrive on your mobile device.


Students check out books when they visit the library each week. Students are expected to bring their books back the following week so they can get new ones. If students are not finished reading a book, they can renew it. This allows them time to finish the book they love. Students renewing books should be courteous of others who might also want that book, so there will be a reasonable limit on the number of times a book can be renewed.

If students forget their books, they will probably be allowed to check out, at least, one new one with the expectation that the old books will be returned the next day. 

Kindergarten students were given a book bag on the first day of library. They are expected to return their books in that bag each week. The bag will go to and from school and home to help keep the books clean and safe. Please help your kindergartener bring their books back to school in the bag each week.

Ixonia Elementary School
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Nondiscrimination: The Oconomowoc Area School District provides assurance that no student is discriminated against because of the student's sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.

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