Strategic Plan

Our 2019-2024 OASD Strategic Plan

The OASD 2019-24 Strategic Plan was developed during the spring semester of 2019 by a team of over 40 individuals, including representatives from every school, district and building administration, and school board members. It was approved unanimously by the School Board at its meeting on July 16, 2019.

We maintain our current mission in the new plan: empowering a community of learners and leaders and will continue to build on our belief that creating a community is essential. Learning and teaching, for that matter, rarely occurs in isolation, and everyone in our buildings plays a role in our mission. So do our students, our parents, our former colleagues, and the business community here in Oconomowoc.  We are continuing the vision we identified in our first strategic plan five years ago, but our new strategic plan goes further.  Our 2019-24 plan contains aggressive key performance objectives and has focus areas and related tactical plans that are centered around actions to make our vision to become an unrivaled learning community a reality.

Our objectives are based on the performance of our peer districts—those K-12 districts that look most like us demographically in our region and around the state. Those districts include Hamilton, Elmbrook, Kimberly, Muskego, Mukwonago, Pewaukee, Menomonee Falls, and Kettle Moraine.  We are also committed to a focus on the whole child, and the district leadership team that drafted this plan was adamant that we also maintain a strong emphasis on balancing our aggressive work to increase student achievement with a targeted focus on our student's social and emotional well being.

Without question, we respect and honor the work that has been done before us, but we will not rest on it, and we will not be complacent. Becoming an unrivaled learning community is not something we can put on our sleeves and make it so. We have to earn it. We will earn it by working continually toward our performance objectives and being driven toward success.


Empowering a community of learners and leaders


To become an unrivaled learning community seeking wisdom, honoring the past, and shaping the future

Core Beliefs

  • All learners will be held to high expectations
  • All learners will succeed
  • All teachers will collaborate to strengthen each other's effectiveness
  • All teachers will teach all learners
  • All individual learners' needs will be met in the general education environments through flexible learning experiences
  • All learners will engage in relevant curriculum that is diverse
  • All teachers will design instruction by knowing each individual

Key Performance Objectives

  • The District and all individuals schools will attain a ranking of "Significantly Exceeds Expectations" on the State Report Card.
  • The percentage of students in grades 3-8 scoring “Proficient” and “Advanced” on the Wisconsin Forward Exam in Reading and Math will continue to increase annually until OASD is among the top 3 school districts in Waukesha County at each grade level.
  • The proficiency levels of student subgroups (gender, poverty, English language learner, disability, and minority) will increase each year on the Wisconsin Forward Exam and ACT Exam in Reading and Math until their performance matches the overall test population.
  • Oconomowoc High School will attain a high school graduation rate that is among the top three in Waukesha County.
  • OASD composite ACT Score will increase annually with the graduating class of 2024 attaining a composite score of 23.0.
  • The number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs will increase until OASD attains a Challenge Index of 1.8 or higher.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses will achieve a pass rate of 75% on the AP exam.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) courses will achieve a pass rate of 75% on the IB exam.

Program and District Quality Indicators

  • ACT Tessera: Measures Grit, Teamwork, Resilience, Curiosity, and Leadership (Grades 6-12).
  • All schools will attain an attendance rate of 96.5% or higher.
  • 100% of graduating seniors will have post-graduate intentions consistent with their Academic and Career Plan.
  • OASD Per-Pupil Expenditures for Instruction will rank in the top half of the Waukesha County K-12 Districts.
  • Open Enrollment out of OASD will continue to decline annually until it is equal to or less than Open Enrollment in to the District.

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Educational Quality and Culture:

  • We will challenge and support all students to maximize their learning and achievement.
  • We will provide rigorous and diverse programming which will prepare all students to graduate ready for college, careers and life.
  • We will support all students, in collaboration with families and the community, to develop their social and emotional wellness and resilience.

Equity and Diversity:

  • We will pursue equity of educational outcomes and infuse culturally sustaining practices to promote each student’s success and well-being. 

Personnel Excellence:

  • We will cultivate a workplace that attracts, develops and retains high quality staff as our competitive advantage.

Business and Financial Performance:

  • We will optimize resources to support OASD strategic goals.

Customer Care/Return on Investment:

  • We will implement communication and engagement strategies to promote understanding, support and involvement of families, community and staff in our strategic priorities and initiatives.


915 E. Summit Avenue
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Nondiscrimination: The Oconomowoc Area School District provides assurance that no student is discriminated against because of the student's sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.
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