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NCAA-Eligibility Center  
If you wish to participate in NCAA division 1 or 2 athletics, you need to be certified by the NCAA Eligiblity Center. You need to qualify academically and you will also need to be cleared as an amateur student-athlete.
Students are responsible for achieving and protecting their eligibility status! Enroll here.

Campus Champs
This free web site is a reference tool for high school student athletes that contains information on playing high school sports and preparing for college.  If sports are big  in your life you need to check out this site.

College Athletic Placement Service 
This is a "for fee" site that assists student athletes with selecting a college and obtaining a scholarship. Contact through e-or snail mail.**

College Recruiting connects high school students and athletes with college and university recruiters for scholarships, financial aid and education. This "for fee" site  includes 45 different sports for men and women. **

Link to over 13,000 web sites for men's and women's athletics programs at universities. Organized by sport/gender/state.

The National Junior College Athletic Association provides opportunities for student-athletes to continue their athletic careers. The NJCAA is divided into three divisions just like the NCAA. The schools who are members of this organization are two-year community and junior colleges. After completing their eligibility, a student-athlete may choose to continue their academic and athletic career at a NCAA or NAIA school. 

Small, private colleges and universities that are members of NAIA offer most of the same opportunities as NCAA schools.

National Scouting Report 
The services provided by the National Scouting Report, a for fee site, to each high school student-athlete enrolled are thorough and extensive. Each applicant is evaluated by talent, academics, character, desire and potential before he or she is accepted. Student-athletes who do qualify and become a part of the program enjoy a very high rate of success. Recruiting has become more competitive and high-tech in the last couple of years. Prospect videos, up-to-date scouting reports, academic records, evaluations, locating prospects meeting specific criteria are provided for free to coaches. Any prospect recommended by a high school coach will be listed here along with his/her personal profile - free of charge. **

Prep Star 
Since 1982, Collegiate Sports of America has helped thousands of qualified and deserving student-athletes in all sports obtain athletic scholarships and financial aid for college. The CSA Online Recruiting Center is used by college coaches nationwide as a tool for their recruiting efforts. PrepStar's DataNet service is a searchable database that let's you create or find the data you are looking for. This database contains information on over 3,000 of the nation's top prospects every year. A fee is charged for this service.**

Scout USA 
Allsport Recruiting is a recruiting service that uses both the Internet and direct personal services to market high school athletes. After a student submits a resume it is sent out to schools you've selected. Fee is charged.**

University Sports 
USP specializes in helping top student-athletes make contact with college coaches who are searching for top prospects for their athletic programs. For fee. **

*Review fee sites thoroughly.  These sites are listed solely for information purposes.

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