Preschool Screening Information

What is Preschool Screening?

State and federal laws require school districts to provide a screening process for preschool children.  The purpose of the screening is to help identify any child who may need early special education services and develop an intervention program.  While OASD tries to raise awareness about the screening with all parents of preschool-aged children, it is not a requirement and may not be necessary for all children. It's up to parents to decide if their child may need this developmental screening, which is free of charge.  Screening is not required for entry into four-year-old or five-year-old kindergarten.  If you are concerned about your three to five-year-old child's development and your child is not currently enrolled in an OASD program, please contact us.

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About the Screening Process

The developmental screening is done by a preschool learning strategist and a speech/language pathologist. They will do activities directly with your child, and interview you to understand your child’s development. The screening process takes approximately 30 minutes. Since you will be participating in the process, please arrange childcare for your other children.

The screening is a review of:

  • Early learning skills
  • Self-care skills
  • Use and application of language
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Hearing
  • Vision

How Will PArents be Notified of the Results of this Screening

Informational conferences will be provided for parents during and after a child participates in the screening. We will inform you of your child’s strengths and, if necessary, areas that need improvement. Helpful suggestions will be given to work on specific areas of development. For children who demonstrate delay, programs are available through the public school district.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the OASD Screening Coordinator at (262)-560-8205.

If your child is not three-years-old yet, please contact the Birth to Three program in your county of residence:
Waukesha County: (262)-548-7212
Dodge County: (920)-887-4282
Jefferson County: (920)-674-7386

2021-22 Preschool Screening Dates 
 September 15, 2021 December 2017- January 2018
 October 20, 2021 February 2018 - March 2018
 November 17, 2021 April 2018 - May 2018
 December 15, 2021 Extra Date if needed
 January 19, 2022 June 2018 - July 2018
 February 16, 2022 Extra Date if needed
 March 16, 2022 August 2018 - September 2018
 April 20, 2022 October 2018 - November 2018


Preschool screenings are typically scheduled once per month on Wednesdays, September through May.  Screenings are held at Park Lawn Elementary School, 300 Park Lawn St., Oconomowoc, WI. Children are screened based on their birth dates. Letters are sent
to families to notify them of the screening date(s) for their child.


915 E. Summit Avenue
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Nondiscrimination: The Oconomowoc Area School District provides assurance that no student is discriminated against because of the student's sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.
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