Career, College & Life Readiness Days


As Raccoons, we are working hard every day to be READY for life after high school. We support each individual student’s preparation to be career-ready and empower them to pursue postsecondary training through military service, the workforce, an apprenticeship, or through a 2 or 4-year college. In order to do this, we strive to ensure we are working hard to create a culture that promotes our core values of being…

  • Grounded in our values and purpose
  • Committed to our goals
  • Accountable to ourselves and each other


While we believe in living these values every day, we have designed four specific days where we take time out of our traditional school day to provide a readiness experience that promotes our school’s mission and values, while helping each Raccoon develop a sense of identity and purpose.

Keep reading for details about each day and the expectations associated with each grade level.

Tuesday, October 12: Career and College Exploration Day

This day is designed to help students at each grade level explore career and college opportunities.


Freshmen will participate in our annual day of service throughout the Oconomowoc area. By engaging in a service project, students can learn a lot about their strengths and potential careers that may interest them. Our teachers will host 20 different service-learning opportunities, tied to our career clusters so that our Raccoons can become a little more grounded in their purpose!

>> Students & FamiliesClick this link for October 12 Service Project information.


Sophomores will leave campus in small groups and participate in at least one job shadow experience and one college visit related to a career cluster of their interest. This day is designed to give students a hands-on learning experience to help further define their career and college readiness goals.

>> Students & Families: Click this link for October 12 Sophomore Business Visit Information.


Juniors will take the practice ACT in preparation for the statewide ACT on March 8. The Practice ACT is a diagnostic test that will help each Raccoon identify strengths and weaknesses in the test areas of English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. The results of this test will be used to design individualized ACT prep sessions for each junior during Pride period from December-March.


Seniors do not have classes on this day and are encouraged to use the long weekend to visit colleges, work on applications, or participate in job shadowing opportunities.  Our East Campus computer lab will be open so that Seniors can work from a more structured location if they prefer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022: College Readiness


Freshmen will not have classes or lessons scheduled on this day. Academic and Career Planning coaches will share asynchronous career exploration activities.


Sophomores will take the practice ACT. The practice ACT is a diagnostic test that will help each Raccoon identify strengths and weaknesses. The results of this test will be used to design individualized ACT prep sessions for each sophomore during Pride period over the next year.


Juniors...this is your big day! Today you will join Juniors across the state to take the ACT exam.


Seniors are released from classes and activities.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022: College & Life Readiness

Freshmen & Sophomores

Freshmen and Sophomores will report to school at 7:20 a.m. to take the ACT Aspire exam.  This state accountability measure will allow students to see if they are on pace to be college-ready upon graduation.


Juniors, this is your chance to schedule a tour at a local 2- or 4-year school. You do not have classes or activities planned on this day, so you can easily set up a visit to WCTC, UW-Madison, Marquette, UW-Milwaukee, Carroll, or wherever! Your Academic and Career Planning Coaches will provide you with a list and help you set up a tour!


Seniors will participate in our annual Reality Store. Reality Store is a life readiness simulation that allows students to experience financial planning and other life events in a simulated hands-on experience.

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